Strategy in Motion, Co., Ltd. was established as a group of professionals with

experience over 30 years in the medical device industry.

We are a company that provides hands-on consulting support for the areas of business strategy,

quality assurance strategy, and regulatory and clinical strategy.

SiM Consulting Services

Experts with over 30 years in the medical device industry are

available to assist you through hands-on consulting.

Hand-on Consulting

Adapted to the customer's corporate strategy,

We are committed to continuous operation and maintenance by our customers.


    Supporting in planning and

    implementing medical device business strategies and

    new business development strategies

    Supporting in establishing, maintaining,

    and operating a quality management system

    Regulatory Development Strategy

    Supporting in planning and

    implementing regulatory strategies

    during new product development

    Hands-on Consulting

    consulting services provide highly specialized support in resolving challenges related to the development and marketing of medical devices, the establishment of quality management systems, and the planning of strategies for obtaining regulatory approval, based on an understanding of our clients' business challenges.

    We work with the client to install systems and processes

    and execute with them to maintain sustainability.

    We don't just do the work on their behalf.

    Example of Hands-on Consulting

    Example of consulting for a major Japanese manufacturer in the medical device business

    Clarification of challenges


    •Gap assessment through on-site analysis

    •Confirmation of objectives, goals, scope and deadlines

    Improvement Plan

    •Proposals for Improvement

    •Coverage check

    •Confirmation of feasibility

    Implementation of remedial measures

    •Launch of joint SiM/Client project

    •Professional Support

    •Progress Check